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TORCH to Offer Talmud classes in Clear Lake and Humble
Beginning in mid-January two new beginners Talmud class will be coming to Clear Lake and Humble! People of all ages can now join TORCH and Congregation Shaar HaShalom and Temple Beth Torah for a series of classes in which the basic skills of Talmud study will be taught in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

For thousands of years the Jewish nation has engaged in Talmud study as a way to understand the ideas behind the commandments and their practical applications. The dense Aramaic text, with the endless back and forth of argument and counter-argument, can seem daunting, but not any more. This new program promises to make the tomes of the Talmud accessible to interested adults. The same people who’ve taught thousands of students across Houston such subjects as Jewish history, Mussar, Law and Kabbalah are now unveiling a Talmud study program that will teach adults to navigate a Talmudic text they thought was beyond their grasp.

The new course is geared to determined adults who wish to devote time and effort to serious Jewish study. Whether you’ve never opened a Talmud before or are already proficient, you are guaranteed to benefit from this course.

One of the goals of the program, according to Rabbi Yakov Wohlgelernter, Educational Director for TORCH, is for students to acquire the skills necessary for self-study. Classes are not presented in a lecture form. The text-based course, he says, “is extremely involving and very engaging.”

“This new class is very exciting, ” says Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe, TORCH’s executive director, “As our Congregational Partnership Program expands to new areas, and we continue to be the leading Jewish educational resource for the entire greater Houston area.” TORCH already offers classes in Congregation Brith Shalom in Bellaire and Congregation Beth El in Sugar Land, and are soon starting classes in the Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism.

For full class schedules please visit TORCH would be happy to bring more quality adult education to your synagogue or organization. Please contact TORCH at or call (713) 721-6400 for more information.

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