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TALK - The Young Jewish Professional Chavurah
TORCH is proud to announce the start of a new program for young professionals. TALK - The Young Jewish Professional Chavurah, is a unique and engaging series with entertaining and practical topics that will redefine common perspectives. Beginning on November 1st, this class will be a dynamic and interactive forum that will empower the young professional with a greater knowledge and awareness of Jewish heritage and the world.

Young professionals in their 20ís and 30ís are invited to come together in a relaxed atmosphere to meet great new people, enjoy great home-cooked meals and engage with thought provoking lectures. Each class will begin with the introduction of a topic, break with a delicious meal and conclude with a discussion of the nightís subject matter.

The lifestyle of todayís young professional greatly limits his or her ability to dedicate serious time to pursuits other than social and work obligations. Traditionally, advanced Jewish learning has been confined to the walls of the yeshiva and seminary. Our Chavurah hopes to bridge these worlds and make learning a reality for every willing student.

For more information, and to request an application, please visit

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