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TORCH Tigers Claw Their Way to Victory Again
October 3, 2010 | By Darrow Weiss

Greetings Sports Fans,

A hearty mazal tov and yasher-co-ach to the TORCH Tigers who scorched Temple Emanuel by a score of 18 to 8 or thereabouts. (Do we look like accountants?) After overcoming a 5 run first inning deficit, the Tiger fans came out in number to support their home team, cheer them on, and provide emergency first aid to 4 injured Tiger players. But those Tigers are no pussycats. They really showed their stripes. Solid hitting, crisp fielding, and aggressive base-running all spontaneously combusted at the right time for TORCH. No matter how much Emmanuel pushed our team to the wall with their bats, the Tigers always found a way to claw their way back. Just how far can these Tigers go? Could they call all the way to the Velt Series? Come see next Sunday!

While the Tigers lick their wounds and rest in their cub dens, I am attaching some photos from our last two games, courtesy of Sabrina, our unofficial and unpaid Tiger Team photographer. If we missed anyone in the email distribution above, please forward this email to them along with this link:

Click here to view game pictures

Go Tigers!

Darrow (Shimon-Dov) and Sabrina (Minasarah) Weiss

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