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TORCH Offers New Weekly Class for Women
Every Tuesday evening, women from across Houston gather to enrich their weeks with Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe. Through this ongoing series, of the 48 Ways to Wisdom, “Each person will gain the timeless tools which help maximize every moment in life by becoming actively conscious and engaged with life. These tools are available through the precious words of our sages.” says Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe.

One class participant, Gail Schnyder, states, “The class has given me time to reflect, and realize the importance of using valuable time wisely and having a balance in my life… I feel calmness when I open my mind to a deeper awareness of the joy and potential we have in life.”

48 Ways to Wisdom will continue every week throughout the summer and is currently being held at Congregation Torah Vachesed at 9730 Hillcroft Rd, at &:30 PM on Tuesday. No membership is required and this class is free of charge. For more information, visit the TORCH online at or call (713) 721-6400.

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