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ASCENT Israel Mission - Day #7: Heros
One thing that makes this mission unique is the learning opportunities presented to us. We started the day learning from Lori Palatnik and Gila Manolson. The thought- provoking sessions were followed by the humbling experience of taking part in the ‘Thank Israeli Soldiers” program, created by the Claymans (see Day 6). We pulled up to a military base, Base Adam, and distributed gifts to each of the soldiers. This gave us the chance to meet and thank these wonderful young people. Many of us were choked up by their heroism, perspective, and their heavy responsibilities. Some quotes from these 18 year olds:

-“I do this because I love my country!”

- “If we don’t do it, who will?”

Following these emotional and poignant meetings, we went to visit Moshav Modiin, which was founded by Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach. The visit got us ‘back to nature,’ as we milked goats, made cheese, spun wool, weaved with a loom, made art projects, and learned Israeli dances. We had a ball! They served a scrumptious vegetarian meal which was accompanied by the performance of the Moshav Girls! They were wonderful and we were inspired.

Israel really is an unbelievable country!

Michal, Zehava and Faige

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