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ASCENT Israel Mission - Day #5: Holy Jerusalem
We departed the hotel and headed to the old city once again. Our tour guide took us through Ir Dovid, the city of David. We were in awe with the rich history in which we are a part. We made our way to the kotel tunnel tours. We got a better understanding of what the temple once was. There were tears and prayers as we walked through this sacred place. We then, once again, headed to the old city. We had the privilege to be one of the first groups to see the new Aish building. We were blown away by its location and beauty. We heard an inspiring and amazing class on Challah baking with practical demonstrations. We were enlightened and inspired by this Mitzvah… the Houston bakeries might be losing a lot of business. We were than given the opportunity to explore and eat in the old city and Ben Yehuda and experience the hustle and bustle of Erev Shabbat in Yerushalayim. The day was just going to get better!

We got ready for Shabbat and headed back to the old city where we were in for a big surprise. Rav Yom Tov Glaser, a former surfer and present day Chassid and musician set the tone for Shabbos with his amazing concert. He had us up on our feet singing and dancing our way into Shabbat. We could only ask for more.

As the spirit of Shabbos entered our hearts, we each received a gift of a beautiful woman’s Siddur from TORCH. (Thank you TORCH!). We used our Siddurim to welcome in the Shabbat with candle-lighting and songs at the Kotel. What an amazing feeling- the holiest day- Shabbos- at the holiest place!! We ate dinner under the stars, on the rooftop in the Old City! Rabbi Motty Berger and his family joined us for the meal. The highlight of the meal (it’s hard to pick just one!) was sharing our meal with the lone soldiers- young men and women from around the world who have separated from their families to move to Israel and serve their country and home, Israel. What an honor for us!

Zehava, Michal and Faige

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