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Men's Mission Post (7/5/09)
By Rabbi Gavriel Jacknin

Highlights - Day #1

Hello to my fellow Torch Rabbi’s, family & friends,

Thank G-d we landed in the holy land of Israel less than 24 hours ago and we’re already having an AWESOME time!!!! We danced and sang upon arrival bringing joy and smiles to all those who watched. We davened mincha, ate schwarma for lunch, rode the train, bus and taxi. We visited the Diapora Museum and saw the fascinating exhibits. We returned to the aiport to welcome the rest of the gang, drove to Tzfat, ate more schwarma, and enjoyed the refreshing air in the holy land up North.

Dr. Rob Bell and Adam commented how they can feel the holiness in the air. Jeffrey Yarus who arrived early in the morning with us felt like he’d already been in Israrel for a week.

Kol Tuv,


P.S Pictures on the way!!!!

Highlights - Day #2

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