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Men's Mission Pre-arrival Post (7/1/09)
By Bob Linzer

It is Tuesday evening in Netanya where the temperature reached the upper 80's with a nice breeze. I arrived here a couple of days early to see some close family friends and I am excited about meeting up with the group tomorrow. After doing the trip myself, I know the guys will be happy to be here, but never the less, exhausted! I will meet Rabbi Jacknin, Jeff Yarus, and Adam Waglein at 9:30 AM where we will depart for the Diaspora Museum at Tel Aviv University, with lunch after that. We will return back to the airport to pick up the rest of the guys about 5:00 where we will have a 3 hour trip to Tzfat.

After a long day, dinner at the apartment in the old city overlooking the hills, we will call it a night and begin touring during the day before getting ready for shabbat. It is my hope that I can give a daily update including some pictures of the day's events providing Rabbi Moscovitz gives us some breaks during the day. After looking at the itinerary, we all realize that this will be a very busy, but memorable experience.

All the best,


This Mission is a partnership project of TORCH and the Meyerland Minyan

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